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Erik Ethan Markegard was born January 15th 1969.

Erik Markegard is a 6th generation cattle rancher. He was raised on a 2000 acre cattle ranch in San Mateo County. Erik worked along side his father, Larry Markegard as a youth managing or leasing all of the ranches for Peter Folger and then Neil Young. These lands included the Broken Arrow, Djerassi, SMIP, Eisenhut, Isenburg, McCreery Moore, and San Gregorio ranches. Erik started his own cow/calf business, Flying M Cattle Company in 1985. Two years later he started managing and then leasing the TOTO ranch. When Erik met his wife, Doniga they transformed the cow/calf operation into 100% grass-fed to meet the growing demands for healthy, local, sustainably raised beef.

An example of Erik's metal art









Erik flying at sunset

Mountain Lion Kitten 10 feet above us in an oak tree.

Erik diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa. Erik touched this 18 foot female.


Doniga and Erik got a little nervous around this male Leopard in Africa, but not as nervous as this Grizzly made them feel in Denali. Of course they both love large predators.

Erik performing as Earth Brown in the Rock Musical Greendale: Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Erik took a break from Cattle ranching and toured with Neil for a year and a half. Erik always asked Neil if he could go on tour with him, Neil called his bluff in 2003 and Erik performed on stage in front of sold out crowds in venues such as Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and the Budokan in Tokyo.

Erik raised Bucking Bulls for Rodeo before he  started selling Grass-Fed Beef.

This is a picture of Erik's best bull Red Cloud bucking off two time World Champion Cody Hancock in the Reno Rodeo. Red Cloud bucked off a lot great bull riders including Lee Akin at the Salinas Rodeo and two time World Champion Jimmy Sharp in the $85000.00 Mossy Oak round of the PBR. Erik and Red Cloud made the big time in 2001 by qualifying for the PBR finals in Las Vegas.

















Erik and the Dr. installing a windsock in the top of a Redwood.








Erik and Doniga tracking wolves in the mountains of Alaska, the only problem was that on the way back to camp they realized the Grizzly was tracking them at the same time.

Another large predator sharing the same trail as Erik and Doniga use in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Erik in his sit spot watching a Red Tail Hawk hunting, the hawk ended up with a Brush Rabbit for dinner.


Erik and Doniga fishing on Kodiak Island


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